What Do Other People Say About Me!

Sometimes it's hard to trust someone and to work out whether you will be able to work with me. So I have included some quotes from what other people have said that have worked with me and if you ever want to see the actual cards and letters (which have had names taken out) you are welcome as I have a scrap book.

"Hi Jo, Just a short note to say Thank you for all your time and effort you put in to helping .... and me. You guided me through a very emotional and challenging time in my life for that I am so grateful. Your kind words and wisdom where like magic and have given us calm in our lives...."

"To Jo King,

I cant just call you Jo it has to be Joking!"

"Anyway I want to say thank you because you are the person I opened up to more than anyone and the person who challenged me my thoughts and ideas and even though I hate you for it I love you for it to....."

"Thank you for everything you have done you have helped me have a better relationship with my Mum and Dad..."

"Jo you have been an amazing Family Therapist and have helped my family so much......"

"Jo it has been my privilege to work with you and share patients with you. You are the best Family Therapist I have worked with. All the families you worked with benefited from your contribution and your ability to not judge any situation or person....."

"Jo, I have no idea 

where to start but I want to say Thank you for what you have done for my family......"

"Jo, You have guided us through the most difficult part of our lives by caring about us and being there for us to talk in a safe space......."

"Jo you really have saved our family......"